Online Service

Join us on this page for our virtual Sunday services!

 The first video is a musical worship set; we hope you can enter into a heart of worship with us wherever you are! The second video is the message; gather around with your family or call a friend to watch the teaching together and discuss!  The third video is the Vineyard Kids lesson; watch with your younger kiddos and help reinforce the teaching from the Bible!

Are you new?

If you are new, welcome! We’d love to connect with you digitally and in-person if possible. Please fill out our digital connection card so we can connect! And if you have any immediate needs, please fill out this form.

If you are already a member, you can use the digital connection card to stay connected and share anything you want prayer for! 


During this time, we remind you to continue giving! Your contributions enable us to continue to be generous in ministering to our community. You can give online through our website or through our church mobile app.  If you usually give in-person on Sundays, please mail your offering to 13798 Parkwood Drive, Burnsville MN 55337.

Connect with us 

All of our weekly ministries and life groups will primarily be gathering remotely unless otherwise notified by ministry and group leaders. We encourage you to join a life group to connect with our community.  And if you have anything you would like prayer for, please let us know through the digital connection card or contact form below! 

Kids Activities

We post a weekly lesson every Sunday, which you can view on our Vineyard Kids Sunday Lessons page. We also meet virtually for kid playdates every weekday at 11am! You can find more information on the Sundays Lessons page too. We’d love to meet you!

Upcoming Events

Easter Sunday – April 12

Join us on Sunday morning at 10am as we celebrate His resurrection! Our online service includes musical worship and messages from leaders in our church!  We also have a Vineyard Kids interactive video.

Our musical worship and message are split into two segments. They will be available right here on Sunday mornings at 10am (CST).

Let us know if you have any questions

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