Vineyard Kids Security

Vineyard Kids uses a computerized check-in system on Sundays to insure the safety and security of your child(ren) before, during, and after the service. The check-in desk is located in the lobby at the right; please stop by when you arrive.

At the desk, a trained volunteer will ask for your last name in order to bring up your family in the system. For first-timers, guest name tags can be printed with no problem – just provide the volunteer with your name and your kids’ names. Your child will receive a sticker that includes his/her name and a security code, which will match the security code printed on a tag for you to use at pick-up. In order to insure children’s safety, a child can only be picked up by the person who has their security number. Please present this security tag to the classroom teacher when picking up your child.

In case you are needed during the worship service for any reason, we will contact you via text or notify you in person. In these cases, please return to the check-in desk or your child’s specific classroom as soon as you can.

After the service has finished, please pick up your child/ren as soon as possible from the classroom/s. If you are receiving prayer or serving elsewhere after the service, make arrangements with a spouse or family member/friend to pick them up (they must have the security tag to do so). Our volunteers love spending time with your kids, but we want to ensure that we respect their time as well. If there is only one child left in the classroom after all others have been picked up, the teacher may accompany him/her to the lobby and auditorium in order to locate parents.

Thank you for understanding and helping keep your kids safe!