Child Dedication

Child dedication is an act of worship and devotion when parents present their children (and themselves) to God, asking that His purposes would be fulfilled.

Some churches practice baptism of confirmation for children. This ceremony is intended to be a covenant between the parents and God on the behalf of the child. The parents promise to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to make his/her own personal confession of Christ.

This custom began about 300 years after the Bible was completed. This is different from the baptism talked about in the Bible which was only for those old enough to believe. The purpose is to publicly confess your personal commitment to Christ.

At South Metro Vineyard Church, we teach and encourage every participant to be baptized the way Jesus demonstrated. However, we ask that parents wait until their child is old enough to make their own personal confession of faith.

It is our practice at the Vineyard Church to dedicate our children to the Lord.

God’s word gives us several examples of people of faith who knew how important it was to ask for God’s blessing and help in raising a young child. Hannah brought her child Samuel and dedicated him to God and to the service of His house (1 Sam. 1:24-28).

We believe that the same kind of attitude and action will promote the blessing of God for what is yet to come for our children. We offer back to Christ the miracle and privilege of being a parent to this new life. In return, God initiates a covenant of hope, help, and a sound mind for the child’s family and friends.

A number of different things are being acknowledged as parents bring their children for dedication.

  • Parents acknowledge their child as a gift from God; acceptable and complete in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They are inviting God to work by His grace in the life of their children so that one day, they too, will be able to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Parents accept that they are responsible for the nurture and spiritual welfare of their child.
  • They are stating that their child really belongs to the Lord and that they are assuming their delegated responsibility to raise their child for the Lord, with the help of the Lord.

The church assists parents in fulfilling their responsibility to raise their child. We pray that the child will indeed come to know Jesus as his/her Savior and Lord and find their place in the body of Christ. We want to be a people who encourage and support the parents.

When are child dedications held?
Dedications are held during a worship service. The date of the dedication is agreed upon by the parents and the pastor.

How soon should we have our child dedicated?
Parental wisdom should be exercised. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to wait a long time. We have dedicated infants from a week old to children several years old.

Can we have special music performed by a family member?
Due to time constraints we are unable to provide for this.

Can we record this child dedication, or take pictures?
Of course! You may record and take pictures of the dedication, just try not to obstruct other people’s views of the baby dedication.

What should we wear for the dedication?
You may dress in whatever attire you deem appropriate, from casual to dressy. We will focus our attention on praying for the baby’s future salvation, his/her safety and development as he/she continues to grow.


Interested in dedicating your child?