We deeply value prayer and believe that God is real, interactive and entirely interested in listening to and answering humanity. Prayer is humility—the simple and raw confession that we need God. We acknowledge that without dependency on God in prayer nothing of eternal value will result. Prayer is the place of friendship where we dialog with the God who so deeply loves us. It is like breathing, allowing the presence of God to pervade our lives again and again. As we encounter Jesus we are transformed, renewed and compelled by his worth. Often our time spent loving God in prayer is translated into our lives becoming the very answer to our requests.

Because of the importance of prayer we have a prayer room dedicated to helping you connect with God. You can join us on Saturday mornings at 8am for intercessory prayer. Our prayer room is also open Tuesday – Friday from 9:30am to 3:30pm. We’re looking for people to come in during the week to intercede on behalf of our community, the nation, and the Church. the prayer room is also a place to spend time in the presence of the Lord and commune with Him. Please help build the “House of Prayer.” Our prayer room is located in the east wing of the church. 

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