Everyone gets to play!

People in the Vineyard don’t sign up to simply sit in a chair for a worship service.  They want to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  They want their lives to count for something.  They want to make positive differences in the lives of others no matter how small or large. They understand Jesus’ call to serve others.

There are literally dozens of ways that you can experience and extend God’s truth, love, and power to others in the Vineyard.   Check out the Ministries tab in the menu to view the opportunities where you might plug in, stop by Sign-Up Central in the lobby, or fill our the contact form below to receive more information!

Serving opportunities include VineyardKids (children’s ministry), Student Life (youth ministry), Worship Team, Audio/Visuals, Prayer/Care Team, Welcome Team, Outreach Team, Administration, and Facilities Management.


Fill out the form for more information on serving at the Vineyard!